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About TRM

TRISTAR Benefit Administrators and TRISTAR ICS have joined under the banner TRISTAR Benefit Administrators. The new TRISTAR Benefit Administrators has established a national presence as a leading provider of quality, cost-effective benefits administration, including self-funded medical, ASO services for dental / vision / STD, Flexible Spending Accounts/HRA, partial self-funding, and COBRA, as well as managed absence and disability programs.


We've built our reputation by providing transparent, competitive, and flexible solutions with a personal touch – in short, by setting the standard by which all other administrators are compared. Our clients are large corporations and businesses of all sizes, and the thousands of employees who work for them all. Regardless of the size or the nature of the business, our responsibility is to develop and maintain programs to ensure the continued health and well-being of working people. We believe that integrity, expertise, and dedication will provide the foundation for achieving our vision.


We offer effective consultation, diversified products, and cutting-edge technology throughout the United States.

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