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About TRM

TRISTAR is one of the country's largest and most comprehensive providers of third party administration for self-funded employee benefit plans. Together, we offer excellent programs and service that support our clients' ability to attract and retain talented employees while keeping cost control a top priority.

Disability Claims Management

TRISTAR Benefit Administrators is a third party administrator for all of your group disability plans.

  • Insured and self-insured short-term disability plans (STD)
  • Private state disability plans (SDI) including California Voluntary plans (VDI)
  • Seamless coordination with our long-term disability insurance carrier partners
  • Coordination with leave of absence and workers' compensation programs


Part of a Continuum of Health and Productivity Improvement

  • Real people, real time to deliver real results. Our Intake Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Disability Specialists call each employee once they have filed a claim to explain the process, determine their needs, and where appropriate, initiate health management.
  • Collaboration with health management services to maximize the return on investment on all benefit dollars spent.
  • Flexibility to listen to your needs, evaluate your disability plans and recommend innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet these needs.
  • Leading edge technologies to simplify data interfaces and ensure data integrity and security.
  • Each work culture is unique. We offer a combined customer and claim service team of experienced professionals that will adapt to your needs.
  • Eighty percent of our staff are Certified Professional Disability Managers (CPDM)
  • Ten-year average industry tenure for all claims examiners


Innovative Programs, Proven Results

Our success is proven by our results. We gather information quickly, make timely decisions, pay the right amount and for the appropriate duration, and communicate throughout the process.


Key features of our Disability Claims Management include:

  • Clinical case management
  • Employee and physician outreach
  • Thorough and consistent return to work confirmation process
  • Automated emails to update internal management and benefits staff
  • Employee referral to appropriate employer sponsored health and wellness programs
  • 24/7 access to activity reports
  • Proprietary feasibility study to determine economic viability of plan changes
  • Workflows, forms and communication adapted for your plans
  • A continuous team approach to program and process review
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