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About TRM

TRISTAR is one of the country's largest and most comprehensive providers of third party administration for self-funded employee benefit plans. Together, we offer excellent programs and service that support our clients' ability to attract and retain talented employees while keeping cost control a top priority.

Leave of Absence Administration

Do you know how many of your employees are absent today? Are you comfortable that your leave of absence process is consistent and compliant? Are your absence and health management programs working together to reduce costs? At TRISTAR Benefit Administrators, we have changed the paradigm for leave management. Rather than put administrative functions such as leave tracking at the core, our program puts your employees at the center — guiding them through all aspects of their health and benefits while they are away from work. Health and productivity improvement is no longer a buzz word but an outcome based on specific, planned intervention. TRISTAR Benefit Administrators becomes the delivery system by acting as a coach to employees throughout all aspects of the changes necessitated when they are out on leave. TRISTAR Benefit Administrators provides a comprehensive approach that addresses the three essential elements of absence management:

  • Job Protection TRISTAR Benefit Administrators consistently tracks absence and assures compliance with all employer, state and federal Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) policies.
  • Pay while on Leave TRISTAR Benefit Administrators answers employees' most commonly asked questions when they are going on leave. Since a large percentage of leaves are employees' own serious health conditions that qualify as a short-term disability, it is more effective and efficient to integrate the administration of these programs.
  • Health and Productivity Improvement TRISTAR Benefit Administrators acts as a coach and guide for employees throughout all aspects of any type of leave and coordinates the health management services available to the employees. As a result, TRISTAR Benefit Administrators helps to improve workforce health and reduce the frequency and duration of leaves. Our value proposition is predicated on our ability to reduce health care costs by improving the utilization of your health management efforts.


The Value to Employers

  • Reduce HR staff time and cost Determine leave eligibility, consistently track and communicate leave status, trigger health plan premium collection, maintain comprehensive leave records and coordinate with other benefit administrators.
  • Reduce legal exposure and regulatory compliance costs Review current leave program for compliance and best practices. Document leave process and communication. Provide consistent application of all leave policies and maintain a complete record of actionable information for each leave.
  • Reduce health plan and replacement costs Encourage employee health accountability by suggesting participation in safety and prevention, wellness, disease management and other health management services available to them. Identify appropriate interventions through data analysis to reduce health care costs and improve quality.
  • Maintain employee satisfaction and your culture Provide high touch service and communication through our leave management team. Simplify and consolidate all aspects of leave administration including job protection, income replacement, return-to-work, and employee benefit contributions.
  • Track claim status and analyze trend reports Provide 24/7 system wide secured leave information. Measure incidence, duration, and cost of absence for the purpose of developing interventions and benchmarking.


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